Textile Fairs in China

Textile Fairs in China

Textile Fairs in China

The clothing industry is one of the largest and most dispersed, spanning vast distances. Yet, fashion fairs can bring people involved in fashion production together. From a wide range of professions from many different countries, people can gather at fairs for a few days twice a year. 

There is a fashion-related fair somewhere in the world on almost every day of the year. There are many textile fairs in France, Italy, and other parts of the world.

China is no different. There are many apparel and fabric-based textile fairs in China. 

Textile Fairs in China 

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Textile Fairs and Their Effect on Fashion Industry

Textiles play an important role in trend-setting. Organizers of textile fairs in China select and display diverse fabric samples in designated areas. These exhibits draw a lot of attention. Furthermore, organizers can create a target list of the most popular colors and materials traded for the season. Thus, the collective selection of buyers becomes explicitly used to steer the direction of fashion trends.

Many different knowledge processes are going on at textile fairs in China. Information leaflets, press releases, and trade magazines are open to every participant. In addition to the fair organization, there are numerous seminars where participants can learn more about the industry. They can share information about new trends, new markets, new technology, new developments in supply chain management, new benchmarks, or new companies. 

In our article, we will examine different textile fairs in China.

Different Textile Fairs in China

There are numerous textile fairs in China, besides fashion and clothing, which also cater to different industries. Suppliers, store owners, and retailers can all attend these fairs. Many wholesale suppliers also attend these textile fairs. 

They can meet the demands of observers or buyers, from wholesale dresses to almost anything you can imagine. Attending a textile fair, whether one is a retailer or a supplier, will greatly expand your general knowledge of the clothing industry. Which in return may boost your business. Let us take a look at different textile fairs in China.

Yarn Expo

Yarn Expo is a premier sourcing platform for both exhibitors and attendees. Suppliers from Asia and Europe display their most recent collections of natural and blended yarns. The yarns here are mostly cotton, wool, flax / regenerated flax, and synthetic fibers and yarns, as well as specialty products such as elastic, fancy, and blended yarns.

Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles

The Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles is China's largest and most important home textiles trade show. The exhibition is held annually in Shanghai. It brings experts, manufacturers, and suppliers together. The trade show provides an ideal information platform on new marketing strategies and directions, as well as staying current with the latest trends. 

A large number of visitors is one of the most important criteria for many exhibitors and, thus the most enjoyable aspect of the event. Among the visitors are buyers from several well-known international retailers. The fair gathers home textile manufacturers, designers, and retail buyers to showcase their interior design possibilities.

Functional Textiles Shanghai

Performance Day's Functional Textiles Shanghai is famous for high-performance functional fabrics and accessories. It exhibits the latest trends in fabric development for the applicable textile industry. It hosts over 115 leading exhibitors and innovative products. 

The fair is among the rarest exhibitions specializing in functional textiles to connect seasonal sourcing schedules in China and East Asia. It also offers visitors everything from materials to yarns, finishes, and accessories. Aside from manufacturers, it provides services ranging from color trends to certification systems. 

In addition to its unique guided tours, workshops, and expert talks by internationally renowned orators, the PERFORMANCE FORUM is the exhibition's main focal point. The trend forum highlights the most recent innovations and covers all current developments.

Spinexpo Shanghai

SPINEXPO Shanghai is an exhibition of high-quality and innovative yarns and fibers for knitwear, circular knits, woven fabrics for clothing and upholstery, lace, socks, technical end uses, and knitting machinery software. It is the leading international industry-sourcing exhibition dedicated to yarn, fiber, and knitwear innovation.

Shanghai International Fashion Accessories Expo

Shanghai International Fashion Accessories Expo is a trade show platform for exhibitors and professional buyers for apparel and accessories. The platform combines themed exhibitions and fashion events while also unifying packaging and promotion. 

Shanghai International Hats, Scarves, Gloves Expo

Hats, scarves, gloves, and other products are symbols of consumers' desire for personalized clothing. It is also one of the fashion industry's fastest-growing segments in recent years. Shanghai Fashion Accessories Society, Shanghai Fashion Accessories Society Accessories Specialized Committee, and Shanghai Gehua Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. co-organized the Shanghai International Hats, Scarves, and Glove Expo and Shanghai International Fashion Accessories Expo, which were held in Shanghai for the first time in 2018. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, four consecutive sessions were successfully held.

Textile Fairs in China

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China International Knitting Expo

PH Value is a fashion-buying event and one of China's most exciting and significant fashion trade shows. PH Value drew over 19000 mainland Chinese and international buyers. A diverse and inspiring program of fashion and trade-related activities will support wholesale women's clothes and accessories here.

Shanghai International Modern Underwear Expo

Shanghai International Modern Underwear Expo is a professional service in the underwear industry in Shanghai and East China. It is committed to providing a professional platform of information exchange, industry promotion, trade service, and industry integration for domestic and foreign professionals. 

Since its inception, the Shanghai International Modern Underwear Expo has piqued the industry's interest as one of China's most well-known tactile fairs. To enable the exhibition, the organizers innovate boldly, integrate multiple industry chains, and establish an efficient trading platform between underwear enterprises and buyers.

SIUF Shenzhen

With over 825 exhibitors from over 27 countries, the international brand underwear fair SIUF sets high standards, attracting over 10,000 visitors to the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center each year. As Asia's most influential show, the SIUF presents a wide range of trendy fashion in lingerie and bath textiles. 

New developments, such as the new functional leisure wear called Athleisure, body shapewear, and loungewear, are also presented. The event's entertaining highlights are the elaborately staged opening ceremony, awards on stage, and a brand fashion show.

Shanghaitex Shanghai

Because rising labor costs are a huge challenge and burden for many businesses, increasing productivity and quality through new textile technologies is crucial. Again, exploring new markets in order to establish themselves in the market long term is also vital. ShanghaiTex offers these opportunities to all industry professionals. 

It is an international textile industry exhibition and China's most important trade fair for textile application technology. The exhibition is held every two years in Shanghai. During the event, automated textile technology practices in various fields are shown. Furthermore, the most recent technological developments and innovations in the fashion and clothing industries are presented.

In this article, we have examined various textile fairs in China. However, if you are interested in buying wholesale clothing, you are at the right place. Before attending such trade shows, you can shop wholesale jackets, wedding dresses, swimsuits, and anything else you can think of at Istanbul Fashion Center's online store. Don't hesitate to get in touch with Istanbul Fashion Center, Europe's largest B2B fashion wholesale center, if you have any further questions.

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February 24, 2023
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