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USA Office

Adress : 261 Madison Ave 9th FL 10016 New York , New York, USA
Web Online :
Phone : 1 646-930-0404
E-Mail : [email protected]
Work : 9AM to 6PM (ET) M-F

* Istanbul Fashion Center is the corporate liaison of Merter Fashion Center in New York, USA.


Europe Office

Adress : UL. Rumuńska 28A 05-816 Michałowice, Pruszkow, Poland
Web Online :
Phone : +48 22-723-8107
E-Mail : [email protected]



Showroom - Istanbul Fashion Center

Adress : Abdurrahman Nafiz Gürman Mah. General Ali Rıza Gürcan Cad. No: 27 34173 Güngören, İstanbul, Turkey
Web Online :
Phone : +90 552 768 48 13
E-Mail : [email protected]
Work : 9AM to 7PM M-F

* Largest shopping center for wholesale women's clothing in Turkey.




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