Textile Fairs in France

Textile Fairs in France

Textile Fairs in France

A textile fair, also known as a trade show, trade exhibition, or trade exposition, is an exhibition that allows companies in the clothing industry to display and demonstrate their latest products and services (for example, wedding dress models), meet with industry partners, and customers, study rivals' activities, and examine recent market trends and opportunities. Textile fairs are held all around the world. However, textile fairs in France are more prominent since France is a fashion capital.

Textile Fairs in France

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Importance of Textile Expos for the Fashion Industry

Trade shows are essential for marketing and business networking in the market sectors that use them. People will look for opportunities to meet people and companies at their level of the supply chain, as well as potential suppliers and buyers.

Generally, there would be a main trade show floor with booths where people can exhibit their goods or services, and seminars for continuing education on industry-related topics such as best practices, trends, and regulations are held throughout the day. 

Participating companies frequently make significant time and financial investments in trade fairs. Preparing meetings with other attendees and resources to follow up on opportunities created at the fair are all part of the planning. 

Regarding corporate marketing goals and functions, trade shows are true multi-talents. Trade fairs are the best stage for innovations and product launches to be noticed by markets and media. This is where decision-makers meet in person, laying the groundwork for long-term trust. Participants at trade shows gain an overview of what the industry has to offer and can thus observe the competition. In this article, we will examine different textile fairs in France.

Different Textile Fairs in France

There are many different textile fairs in France. We have covered the most prominent textile fairs held in France.

Première Vision Paris

Première Vision Paris convenes all players in raw materials and services for producing apparel, bags, shoes, and fantasy jewellery twice a year to effectively assist fashion professionals in developing their collections. This meeting and inspiration hub is a one-of-a-kind place to do business and a trend laboratory.

Yarns, fabrics, leathers, furs, textile designs, accessories, and components, as well as a selection of fashion manufacturing companies that offer sourcing services... Each season, Première Vision Paris takes on the challenge of gathering all of the resources required to create the most cutting-edge collections of ready-to-wear, leather goods, shoes, and fantasy jewellery on the market in one location. The Première Vision is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for buyers and fashion designers to meet and exchange ideas. It serves as a platform for exhibitors and displays the fashion world's trends for the upcoming season. The Première Vision is one of the most important textile fairs in France.

Strasbourg Wedding Fair

The Strasbourg Wedding Fair allows participants to meet with professionals who will provide them with information on everything needed to plan a perfect wedding, from cakes to catering, photographers, DJs, dresses, venues, tuxedos, and much more. Varying from wholesale evening jumpsuits to wedding dresses, anything about weddings can be found in this fair.

The Interfiliere Paris

The Interfiliere brings together all global players in the lingerie and swimwear industries. The event serves as a source of inspiration and provides a European perspective on textiles and textile accessories for the lingerie and swimwear industries. Visitors can learn everything there is to know about the latest trends and products and meet new business partners. Interfiliere Paris trend forums, fashion shows, and conferences are all part of the program.

The Interfiliere Paris

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Texworld Le Bourget

Texworld is an international clothing and textile trade show held every six months at the Parc d'expositions in Le Bourget, near Paris. Texworld is another significant textile fair in France. It reflects the dynamic prêt-à-porter fashion world. With exhibitors worldwide, this fair has evolved into an essential business platform and order fair for the industry, connecting suppliers, buyers, and designers. 

The event, designated as a pure trade fair, offers visitors a diverse range of highly innovative and creative fabrics at an excellent price-performance ratio. Texworld focuses on clothing, fabrics, and materials and dazzles with innovative structures, material combinations, and a wide range of color palettes. 

The exhibition provides visitors and exhibitors with a flood of the latest trends and the ability to test and feel all materials, making this event a sensual experience.


The Avantex concept is based on the transfer of high-tech findings on fabrics, textiles, and fibres used in the apparel industry to produce intelligent, innovative, and multifunctional textiles. Textiles must have at least three technical functions or a new patent will be issued. Improved breathable, waterproof, windproof, antistatic, and quick-drying textiles, digital fabrics, or articles of clothing with medical and cosmetic features are all possible. The organizers have invited high-level experts from R&D departments, designers, and producers to present their latest results and to open up new markets for this purpose. The event's framework program includes a designer seminar, a fashion show, and a trend forum. The Avantex is held twice a year at Le Bourget's Parc d'expositions near Paris. 

MIF Expo Paris

The MIF Expo in Paris is a trade show for French products. The exclusive event for French lifestyle and way of life, with jewellery, fashion, bikes, sunglasses, drinks, and sweets as topics. Visitors can find detailed information about France's most recent developments, trends, services, and products.

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