Textile Fairs in Turkey

Textile Fairs in Turkey

Textile Fairs in Turkey

Turkey has a long history of textile manufacturing and is now a significant player in the global textile and apparel industry. Turkey is one of the world's leading textile exporters, and the industry is still expanding, with the value of textile and clothing exports more than doubling since the 2000s. Considering Turkey's position in the textile industry, textile fairs in Turkey attract more attention.

Textile trade shows bring producers, suppliers, buyers, and designers together in one location. They can provide you with ideas by displaying recent trends and designs. It's also a great place to meet new people and show off your new merchandise, as textile expos and exhibitions provide a fresh perspective and new opportunities for fashion and home textile professionals. They are also essential tools for small businesses to launch their stores and gain recognition.

Why are Textile Fairs Important to Fashion Designers and Boutiques?

Trade shows are well-known for bringing together some of the world's best supply chain partners. Textile trade show organizers are businesses, and to stay in business, they need you, their customer, to be satisfied, and this necessitates the participation of dependable and trustworthy exhibitors.

The benefit of textile trade shows is that they pre-screen suppliers for you. You know that the people there are committed to long-term business growth and are actively seeking new customers. Going to a textile trade show allows you to meet with many suppliers in a day or two.


Textile Fairs in Turkey

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Different Textile Expos in Turkey

Regarding bulk buying, Istanbul Fashion Center offers many services as Europe's most significant wholesale clothing supplier. While shopping for your boutique or store, Istanbul Fashion Center is the place to go for in-bulk purchases. You can contact the Istanbul Fashion Center directly without going to the related trade shows. However, we still need to consider the influence of textile expos on the industry. 

Textile trade shows and exhibitions are significant in the fashion industry. Even today, when social media is one of the largest and most effective platforms for trade promotion, physical trade shows are still important. 

These events are the only way to meet existing and prospective clients locally and globally, exchange new ideas, gain first-hand experience with various products and technologies, understand market trends, and much more in just 3 to 4 days at a reasonable cost. We have compiled a list of different textile expos held in Turkey.

International Istanbul Yarn Fair 2023

The International Istanbul Yarn Fair is an annual trade show held in Istanbul in February. The International Istanbul Yarn Fair is one of the most critical commercial meetings of the international yarn industry, with products such as cotton, elastane, wool, acrylic, silk, organic, nylon yarns and so on. 

On the 16th and 18th of February 2023, the International Istanbul Yarn Fair will be held at the Tuyap Fair Convention & Congress Center in Istanbul, displaying the latest news from Turkish and international textile companies. 


Thousands of qualified buyers from the European Union, England, the United States, North Africa, and the Middle East attended this fair, where over 300 companies exhibited their products, including Fabric, Yarn, and Apparel Sub-Industry companies.

Texhibition Istanbul attracted qualified professionals from the domestic and international textile industry ecosystems, such as major ready-to-wear manufacturers, purchasing managers of international chain stores, managers of international brands and chains with brand collections, managers of stores specializing in specific product groups, managers of online sales platforms, importers, wholesalers, designers, and producers.


Textile Fairs in Turkey

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CNR Fashion Show Antalya Exhibition

CNR Fashion Show Antalya, one of Turkey's many international and unrivalled fashion fairs, in terms of exhibitor, visitor, and export rate, adds value to the fashion industry by serving as the preferred commercial platform for industry leaders to reach their target markets and communicate with professional buyers. 

The fair, which features the most stylish and innovative fashion brands, will include numerous fashion shows and events. While visitors will be exposed to the latest trendy new products at the fair, exhibitors will maximize their promotional efforts and increase their business volumes.


Hightex is an international exhibition of technical textiles and nonwovens. It is the most important meeting place for the Middle East and Eastern Europe's technical textiles and nonwoven sectors, as well as industry professionals, exhibitors, press members, and visitors. HIGHTEX also features technical textile and nonwoven raw materials, intermediate and final products, and manufacturing technologies.

IF Wedding Show İzmir

IF Wedding Fashion provides excellent opportunities for the industry's top professionals and the quickest and most dependable means of establishing communication and business connections. It generally concentrates on areas such as wholesale bridal gowns, wedding suits, evening gowns, children's evening wear, and accessories.

Touch and feel are crucial in fabric and garments, and companies frequently use garment fairs to gain new clients. 

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November 28, 2022
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