Cleaning Your Clothing Product Safely

Cleaning Your Clothing Product Safely

Cleaning Your Clothing Product Safely

The significance of clothing in our lives cannot be overstated. Proper clothing care and maintenance are critical for healthy living; we feel better when our clothes are neat and clean.

Different clothes are made of different fabrics, and each material requires various cleaning and care. Some garments must be dry-cleaned, while others must be gently hand washed. Some garments require only a quick machine wash, whereas a beaded gown necessitates extra care during the cleaning. Fortunately, our article covered everything you need to know about cleaning your clothing.

Cleaning Your Clothing Product Safely

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Follow the Instructions on the Label

When cleaning your clothing, laundry methods differ depending on the material. Wool, for instance, must be cleaned when required, using a gentle cycle or by hand and a wool detergent. Pay close attention to the label instructions advising you on the maximum recommended temperature for washing an item rather than the recommended temperature unless the label specifies dry cleaning only.

Try Air Drying

Nothing beats the smell of freshly laundered, air-dried clothes when you bring them in from the washing line. Not only does it smell great, but air-drying is also better for your clothes and the environment than tumble-drying, which consumes a lot of energy and can damage certain fibers.

Instead, shake out your clothes and hang them to dry outside on a washing line, drying rack, or hangers. Again, pay attention to clothing labels because some garments, such as woolen jumpers, may require flat drying.

Store Your Clothing Properly

Proper garment storage can significantly extend its lifespan. All clothes should be stored in a cool, dry place to avoid damage from dampness, sunlight, and heat. Before storing your clothes, ensure they are clean because dirt can attract clothes moths that can ruin them. Store your knitwear with lavender to keep clothes moths at bay. It is critical not to overcrowd your closet because clothes require breathing space, and it will also prevent wrinkling and color loss from clothes rubbing together.

Cleaning Winter Clothing

Cleaning your clothing can be especially tricky in the winter season, and winter clothing is often made of heavier, warmer materials that can be difficult to wash correctly. Remember that unless the care tag on your hat or scarf specifically states that machine washing is okay, you should hand-wash your wool winter gear in cool water with a gentle detergent or soap. 

You may hand wash down some winter clothing, such as mittens, coats, or wholesale sweaters. Yet, the process is time-consuming. We recommend handing down clothes to a professional, who will determine the best course of action based on the specific item.

How to Clean Gowns

The various layers and delicate lace on gowns can make washing them a challenge. Wholesale evening gowns may be one of them. WThey n be washed by hand, but it is often preferable to have them professionally cleaned. Cleaners have tools to clean the underlayers while protecting the top. If you decide to do it yourself, follow these steps. 

1) Fill a sink or bathtub halfway with cool water and a small amount of mild soap.

2) Place the gown in the water and let it soak for a few minutes.

3) Agitating the gown can damage the delicate lace layers. Instead, push the dress into the water and let it naturally rise to the surface. This gentle motion will aid in the removal of dirt while minimizing damage.

How to Clean Gowns 

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Less Washing

Consider your options before washing your clothes. Cleaning your clothing too frequently can harm the fibers and reduce their lifespan. It is especially true for dry cleaning, which employs hazardous chemicals that flatten the natural fiber follicles in some fabrics. 

If an item is not dirty but just needs to be freshened up, hang it outside or in a steamy bathroom to dry instead of throwing it in the wash. The high-quality wholesale jackets you may get from acknowledged distributors, such as IFC, do not require frequent cleaning.

Try Low-Temperature Washing

When cleaning your clothing, you need to use lower temperatures. To keep the fabric clean and soft and to prevent color fading, wash clothes at a low temperature with a gentle and natural laundry detergent. Items that come into direct contact with your skin, such as underwear, bedding, and towels, may require a higher-temperature wash.

Wash From The Inside Out

Another helpful tip when cleaning your clothing is washing it inside out. You can wash your clothes inside out and avoid overfilling, which can cause friction and damage the fibers.

How to Wash Sparkly Clothing

Faster and hotter cycles degrade fabric quality and can result in fading, shrinking, or sequins/glitter falling off in the wash. Set your machine to the eco or hand wash setting and reduce the temperature to 30 degrees or less. 

If you are not used to washing at low temperatures, we promise it will clean your clothes while not harming them. You can also try hand washing; it may seem like a hassle, but it is the safest way to wash clothes with sequins, beads, or embellishments.

Pre-Trait Stains Before Wash

It is usually best to treat stains before cleaning your clothing. The key to stain removal is to treat and wash the item of clothing as soon as possible. If you throw your stained item into the laundry basket and leave it until the next wash, the stain will set and become more difficult to remove. Always treat stains before washing them, as a wash cycle may cause the color to penetrate the fabric and spread to other parts of the garment.

In our article, we have given some tips when cleaning your clothing. Istanbul Fashion Center is a wholesale distributor, and everything from wholesale jackets to casual clothing is available on our website. Please contact IFC if you have any further questions.

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February 01, 2023
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